Monday, February 11, 2013

Website Scam Advanced Checklist: How to know if a website is legitimate using Reputation

(Third of three parts)
As people want to learn how to make money online in fast and easy ways, it can be difficult to determine if a site is authentic over millions of website on the internet that offer such service. Thus, this post will help you be technically aware of signs found in a fraudulent site. Look through Whois and differentiate suspicious looking ones. Discover a few search engine and social metrics to know how domain or web authority indicates a site’s overall reputation.

Whois. Whois stores contact information of the person, group or company that registers a particular domain. Simply go to or and type in the domain name. Be warned:
  • Domain Age. It’s only recently registered - only two weeks’ or a month’s old.
  • Registrant Details. It’s on a private listing or the information is hidden using a domain privacy service. If it’s publicly available, information does not match with the one stated on their website. Only P.O. Box number is provided, not full contact address.
  • Nameservers/IP Address. Noticeable changes like frequent change on the nameservers or IP address done in a short period of time is also something to look out for.
Alexa rank. Alexa analyzes web traffic and ranks a website based on how many people visit them. Visit and type in the domain name. The lower the number is, the higher the number of users visits the website. Google ranks 1 on Alexa. Be warned if the alexa rank of the website you’re checking out hits 8 or more figures. This could indicate either of two things: the site is relatively new so there are only few visitors or the site doesn’t generate traffic at all. A legitimate website uses marketing strategies to make their business known over the web. Alexa rank is not a major benchmark though. 

Google rank. Google uses a special algorithm that weighs how safe and credible a website is on search engines. Being the giant, Google is one of the first who’s on the lookout for scams. Having a Pagerank of 10 (like Facebook), means it is a highly recommended site. PageRank is one of the metrics every website owner is conscious of as this could pertain to how visible and searchable their website is over the web. So if the online job site you encountered that offers ways to make money online has a Pagerank of 0, this could mean two things: the site is relatively new or it is not even listed on Google.

Socialmention. Socialmention monitors user-generated content such as blogs, comments, videos etc. Visit and type in the domain name to see positive or negative sentiments about the site you’re doubtful of. This, however, is not a major benchmark as well.

Now that you know how to distinguish if a website is authentic or not, the next question is, howto know what type of online job suits best for you. Read the next article to learn more.

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