Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Four Ways to Jumpstart Your Career As A Freelance Writer

Last time, we talked about how to harness your writing skills. On this post, let’s look into the different ways to make money online by jumpstarting your career as a freelance writer. 

1.      Hubpages/Squidoo. Hubpages and Squidoo allow you earn cash simply by submitting valuable content to them.

How it works:
·         Create a hub in Hubpages or lens in Squidoo.
·         Pick a niche topic and write something about it.
·         Aside from the text, include photos, videos, links, or polls and other rich-media content.
·         Publish.

How to earn cash:
·         Hubpages. Get revenue through their money making programs: Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, eBay, and Hubpages Earnings program
·         Squidoo. Generate money through the above programs and they will share 50% of income with you.

2.      Blogging. If part of your daily writing exercises is blogging, then, this is one of the easier ways on how to make money fast and at the same time, do what you love.

How it works:
·        Select a blogging platform: Blogger or custom Wordpress (not
·        Think of a specific topic that you can blog about everyday.
·        Compose an entry regularly for the next three months - at least two to three times a week.

How to earn cash:
·         Google Adsense. Monetize your weblog through Google Adsense. The more users visit your blog, the higher the potential for clicks on your Google Adsense ads, the bigger the amount you’ll receive from Google.
·         Pay Per Post. Promote an advertiser’s products, services and websites through your posts.

3.      LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network in the web.

How it works:
·        Setup an account.
·        Complete your profile.
·        Make it public.
·        Include a headline that you are a freelance writer or editor. Be as accurate as possible regarding your work experience and acquired skills.
·        Join groups and discussions.

How to earn cash:
·         Let recruiters around the world contact you for your services.

4.      Odesk/Fiverr. Odesk and Fiverr are some of the top online resource for small business owners. They usually contact Odesk and Fiverr to hire people on per-project basis.

How it works:
·        Establish a portfolio that is pleasing to any employer.
·        For Odesk: Include your rates. Make it reasonable.
·        For Fiverr: Use strong keywords and edit your gig once in a while so you’d be up in the search results

How to earn cash:
·         Odesk. You will be contacted by potential employers for a possible project employment.
·         Fiverr. Fiverr offers anything and everything for a fixed price of $5. Once you completed a task, such as a completed article based on their specs, $4 will be credited into your account.


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