Friday, May 24, 2013

Do You Have What It Takes To Become An Online Transcriber?

There are many jobs that you can do on the Internet. Any of these jobs will let you earn money from home and depending on the pay, you can earn as much as someone who has a regular job. Among the many jobs available online, being a transcriber is one of the most common you can find. With the right skills, anyone can easily earn money at home as an online transcriber. Find out below if you have what it takes to become an online transcriber.
  • Sharp hearing. The most important thing you will need to become a good transcriber is sharp hearing. Do you often find it easy to hear dialogues in movies or to hear even quiet conversations? Is it easy for you to decipher what is being said even if you cannot actually hear the words very clearly? If your answer is yes, then trying out a transcription job is worth it.
  • Persistence. In most transcription jobs, it is inevitable that you might encounter audio files that are very poor in quality. In audio files like these, you might have to keep on listening to particular parts that are not easily understandable. You must have the patience and persistence to listen to these parts over and over again in different speeds if necessary to be able to figure out what is being said.
  • Speed. Most audio files are given for transcription with a specific turn-around time. It is important that you can work really fast. This includes having a very good typing speed of at least 50 words per minute. Having a really good typing speed will allow you to finish transcription fast.
  • Punctuality. Most clients are very strict when it comes to deadlines of transcriptions because it is often very important for them to get the transcription as soon as possible. You need to be able to comply with deadlines and it is a must that you are prompt with submissions of transcriptions.
  • Good internet connection. Being a transcriber means that your client will be sending large files if the audio files are long. A slow Internet connection will affect how fast you can download these files and will also affect your turn-around time. Hence, make sure that you have a good and reliable Internet connection that will allow you to download several large files at a time.
  • Good headphones. You must have a pair of headphones that can effectively cancel outside noise. This will help you hear the audio better.
  • Transcription software. Although you can transcribed by simply playing the audio file with your usual media players, you will find it easier and more efficient if you use a transcription software. There are many of these available for free online.

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