Monday, July 8, 2013

Earn Money From Blogging: Eight (8) Tips To Increase Earnings On Chitika is one of the leading sources of income for all types of blogger. With Chitika, you can find different ways on how to make money fast by simply maintaining a weblog. Start blogging and earn money from home. Here are five (5) tips to increase your earnings.

1.       Get your domain verified. Claim your domain and have it listed. Go to your account preferences, and put your link in the Add Domains box.

2.       Aim for gold as the ultimate level. Do not be stressed if at first, you’re not earning as much as you expected. The bronze and silver levels are mainly for starters. If you want to enjoy the full perks and offers, work towards reaching for gold membership. Be patient though as it may take months to get approved here.

3.       Emphasize your strengths on your application. Approval is necessary if you want to be a gold or premium member. Hence, prove to them why your website is a perfect candidate for the ad network. On the site description, think thoroughly on making it special and stand out from the rest. Do not settle for generic narratives. Enumerate facts:

·        Target audience. Who are your geographic target in terms of location and age. This will help them assess if your readers are what they are aiming for as well.

·        Statistics. A briefer on how you built your following and a couple of your blog’s bragging rights are always an interesting read. Establishing that you have a good and loyal readership will make them think twice before turning you down.

·        Why them. Note down the reasons why you chose to partner with them. If you did ads with other networks in the past and implemented it successfully, ensure that you mention it here as this means “your blog already has a proven record” in advertising.

4.       Set a targeted traffic when you write about a topic. Set your sights mainly on US and CANADA users. UK traffic will boost your clicks as well.

5.       Customize the look of your advertisements. Once you reach premium, you can begin the customization such as modifying the colors, background and fonts of the advert. Pick color combos that will blend well with your theme.

6.       Place your ads strategically. Put it above the page fold, right below the entry title for all visitors to see. The comment section is a perfect viewable area too so positioning them right before it is recommendable.

7.       Diversify your content and post regularly. You need not stick to text alone. Include as much images as the copy permits and requires. Two to three pictures are reasonable. In this way, you also get to maximize image search. Blog on a regular basis. Instead of publishing three posts in a day then none the next day, use your platform’s scheduling feature so that you publish daily and your subscribers have something to read frequently.

8.       Optimize. Since Chitika is basically search-based, it would do you no harm to implement those keywords and backlinks. Grab every chance to optimize. Consider different search engines like Google and Yahoo when you do SEO.


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