Sunday, October 13, 2013

Earn Money From Blogging: Five (5) Tips On Writing Credible Online Reviews For New Bloggers

There are at least a couple of avenues to take should you decide to use your weblog as a tool for money-making schemes over the web. The most popular one is by joining PPC Advertising Networks. Just sign up, embed their code and let your readers do the rest. Another one is by creating online reviews. Somewhat similar to the first, you need to initially create an account so as to give the advertisers a quick background about your site. Based on opportunities available, they could either contact you directly or you could follow up on an offer and begin blogging about their product or service.

Below are five (5) easy guidelines for new bloggers. Learn how you could compose an online review that is both credible and engaging. Apply these tips to jumpstart your career in writing and start earning money from home.

1.       Perform a thorough research about the brand. Needless to say, it is difficult to blog about something you are not overly familiar with, isn’t it? Hence, your best move is, to make a more in-depth study about the subject. How long the product or service has been in the industry? Is the company promoting it reputable enough? You also need to check for the latter because you wouldn’t want to recommend something that has a bad reputation would you?

2.       Weigh its pros and cons. What are the advantages and disadvantages should you decide to support their merchandise? Gauge its benefits and look into possible problems a customer could encounter upon using them.
pros and cons, ups and downs

3.       Check out its competitors. Who are their toughest competitors? Do they offer same features as your advertiser does? Always place yourself in the consumer’s feet. What do you get from it? Find the edge that makes your client’s products and services stand out from the rest.
competitors, check competitors

4.       Check for feedbacks and other reviews. Visit review sites for signs on how the public finds their offer. Are they getting satisfactory ratings or the opposite? Chances are, many bloggers have done this already so take some time to scan through their posts. Be as accurate as you can when you detail the specs. You could borrow the customers’ words as necessary especially if 90% of them are saying exactly the same thing.

5.       Be honest. With the various ways to make money online via blogs, majority of the visitors get discouraged as soon as they notice that your entry is a sponsored post. Once they see tell-tale signs that it is indeed a paid post, some would immediately close the tab and look somewhere else for info. The trick therefore, is to make it as relevant to your niche as possible and to sound as sincere as you can so they would be inclined to read the whole article altogether.

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