Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to earn money from home

Thanks to technology, telecommuting has never been easier. Due to traffic problems and company cost-cutting, working from home has been offered to most employees who can do their work from home using the internet. This has saved both employers and employee a lot of time and resources.
However, there are also other ways to make money online or earn money from home. For example, if you are a stay at home mom who needs to take care of the kids but want to earn money to help with the bills and support the family as well, there are plenty of online opportunities for you! You just need to be open to everything. Here are just samples of what you can get paid for:
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  • Be a virtual assistant. Most clients will be overseas who want to outsource their assistants. You need very good administrative skills as you might be your boss' all-around help. You need a very stable and fast internet connection, a working computer and some software that is needed by the client. Most of the time, the client provides that for you.
  • Be a freelance writer or content creator. Most businesses need online content for their sites and hire writers to write articles. If you have experience, you can even be an editor.
  • Be a graphic designer or layout artist. If graphic design is your expertise, you can offer your services to create logos, brochures and even layout albums. You can also be a web designer or a freelance artist who commissions work for a living.
  • Be an artist. There are a lot of DIY or artsy blogs that have become popular and these artists offer workshops and even do commission work.
  • Be a transcriptionist. Most companies need transcribing especially in the legal and medical fields. Marketing surveys need to be transcribed as well.
The list is actually endless. You just need to be able to identify a reliable network to join so you can have access to these opportunities. Join work from home forums. Most mothers are helpful and will give you job leads. Most of them might even hire you themselves. Google is your friend. Search the internet for online job opportunities that might interest you. Be wary of sites that ask for payment though. Train and expand your skills. Build your portfolio. Beef up your resume. Every skill you learn is an advantage you can have over others when applying for a job online.


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