Thursday, August 22, 2013

Earn Money From Blogging: Four (4) Things You Should Know About YBN Contextual Ads

There are several ways to earn money online and one of them is to maintain a weblog. Money blogging options range from CPC or PPC advertisements where there is a corresponding cost or pay for every user’s click to Sponsored Reviews like ReviewMe and PayU2Blog where you can get paid by reviewing certain products and services as requested by the advertising entities. YBN or Yahoo! Bing Network belongs to the earlier category.
If you’re a blogger who wants to earn money at home, you may want to try Yahoo! Bing Network. It has been said to be the best alternative after Google Adsense, which is the leading platform in the industry. Here are four (4) things you should to know about the program.
1.       About YBN Contextual Ads. Powered by Media.Net, it is one of the newest in the array of choices for people who want to monetize their website. With its wide group of features, it gives web publishers instantaneous access to world’s largest marketplaces for keyword-targeted advertisers. Hence, no matter how broad or niche your site is, there is always an advertiser appropriate for your content.
2.       How It Works. It is still in the BETA phase therefore sign ups are not allowed at the moment. Accounts are given out by invite. However, you can request for an invitation and fill up a form so you will be in the queue as it takes at least two weeks to review an application. Each approved publisher will have an assigned Sales Representative who is tasked to be a guide throughout the process – tasks such as where to place the advertisement up to which ad unit could give the maximum revenue.
3.       Blog Requirements. The rates they offer are quite high compared to their competitors. Getting approved is not easy though. Below are some of their conditions:
o    Must be up for at least three months with a top-level domain name like .com, .net, .org.
o    Must have 300 to 1000 daily page views where at least 40% of them came from search engines and visitors mostly from US, UK and Canada.
o    Must use English as the primary language.
o    Must have unique and quality posts with all the necessary pages such as About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy.
o    Must have a great design structure like easy navigations and menus
4.       Payment. Depending on the niche and traffic type, conversion can be pretty good as you can make around 1.5 to 2 cents for every thousand views. Payout is done through Wire Transfer and Paypal on a monthly basis with a minimum amount of $100.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Earn Money From Blogging: Top Three (3) PPC Ad Networks

If you are a blogger, one of the popular ways to make money online is to join ad networks. As a publisher, you get to maximize your online revenues simply by incorporating a few codes on your blog and let your readers do the rest. Whether you are new in the field or you have been doing this for some time now, here is a quick guide to the top three (3) bodies that offer PPC advertising. Select one or more that’s fitting to your niche and get started to do some money blogging.

1.       Google Adsense. Google Ads is the world’s largest when it comes to Pay Per Click advertisements. Its rate is incredibly higher compared to the rest of its alternatives therefore majority of the bloggers would opt to earn money from home through this channel. Anyone can apply; however, the chances of getting approved can be quite tricky. You need to setup your content first, make sure that your site has been around for awhile and most importantly, that it adheres to the general standards of the search engine. One of its distinct characteristic is the revenue split where the earnings generated are split between the network and its publishers. Payout will be received within a month either through check or direct deposit.

2. Chitika, on the other hand, is considered as the second largest after Adsense. Founded in 2003, it caters over four billion strategically targeted adverts each month to more than 300,000 sites. It basically provides three methods to monetize your website: you can either register for their professional or enterprise publisher programs or choose to become one of their affiliates and earn 10% for each referred member’s income. Payment will be sent via Paypal (minimum of $10) or checks (minimum of $50) every monthly end.
3. Infolinks brings advertisement into a new level with their In3 (Infolinks Intent Intelligence) platform. It analyzes the posts in real-time and empowers advertisers to target intent at a keyword level. It avoids banner blindness and generates 30x more engagement rate as opposed to traditional display ads. A great thing about it is that it is compatible with the former two thus you need not worry about possible conflicts. It has five (5) different schemes to decide upon: use any of their inSearch, inText, inTag, and inFrame products which are all advertisement-based, or sign up for their referral program. You’ll get your pay from any of this: Paypal, Bank Wire, eCheck, Western Union, ACH and Payoneer.