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Questions To Ask When Renting A Condominium Unit


Online Marketing Tips For Real Estate Companies: OffPage SEO

This is a continuation of the post, where you can find here. On this article, we’ll focus more on OffPage SEO or Link Building techniques to market your Real Estate business.
OffPage SEO. The main goal of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is to make your website found over millions of competitors out there. Search Engines such as Google is your key to that. OffPage SEO is basically a strategy of getting links from other web pages outside of your domain to your web pages. The higher the number of authoritative sites with relevant content that links to you, the bigger the chances is that you’ll get prioritized on Google’s database.

Here are popular link building schemes in the real estate industry:
Content Marketing. Content is no longer limited to texts and articles. Video and image contents are now in. Create viral how to videos on Youtube, or know-how infographics shareable to Pinterest and to the web. You may still use articles but be mindful to produce high-qual…

Online Marketing Tips For Real Estate Companies: Website and Onpage SEO

Marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services. It is the heart of any business. You can have the finest product or service in the whole world but it’s no use if nobody knows about it. There are basically two types of marketing:(1) traditional marketing where it utilizes strategies such as direct sales, tv, radio, mail, and print and; (2) internet or online marketing which basically makes use of the benefits of the web.
On this post, learn how a combination of a website and onpage SEO techniques can help boost up your online marketing plan for your real estate business.
Website. A website is like an office that’s open 24/7. Anything and everything a user wants to know about you and your company, it is available to them in just a few clicks. Here are some items you should take into account upon building one: Design. A well-designed website will encourage potential clients to visit it over and over again. It’s not just the color combination or theme. It’s the ease…

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Careers in Real Estate: Profile of a Real Estate Agent

The role of a real estate agent is easy to understand. Like here in the Philippines, it can be as simple as assisting people or companies to buy properties that are on sale or have them sold to prospective buyers so they can get the best and fair price possible.  Below is a brief profile of a real estate agent employee. 

Basic Job Description. Help clients buy, sell and rent real estate properties. Act as a middle person between buyers and sellers.
Requirements. ·Age. If you’re aiming for a real estate company in the Philippines to hire you, age requirement may range from 18 to 38 years old. ·Educational Attainment. Depending on the agency, some may require at least high school graduate, others may need applicants who completed at least two (2) years in college or attained 3rd year college level, while majority may want a Bachelor or College Degree in Business/ Management/ Marketing or equivalent ·Experience. Sales experience is usually preferred. Again, depending on the agency, some may …