Careers in Real Estate: Profile of a Real Estate Agent

The role of a real estate agent is easy to understand. Like here in the Philippines, it can be as simple as assisting people or companies to buy properties that are on sale or have them sold to prospective buyers so they can get the best and fair price possible.  Below is a brief profile of a real estate agent employee. 

Basic Job Description. Help clients buy, sell and rent real estate properties. Act as a middle person between buyers and sellers.

·         Age. If you’re aiming for a real estate company in the Philippines to hire you, age requirement may range from 18 to 38 years old.
·         Educational Attainment. Depending on the agency, some may require at least high school graduate, others may need applicants who completed at least two (2) years in college or attained 3rd year college level, while majority may want a Bachelor or College Degree in Business/ Management/ Marketing or equivalent
·         Experience. Sales experience is usually preferred. Again, depending on the agency, some may accept recent or fresh graduates. Others, at least one (1) to five (5) years of experience in the related field.
·         Knowledge. Computer literacy is a must. Knowledge in social networking sites may have an advantage.
·         Skills. Good English communication skills both verbal and nonverbal are definite requirements. Someone with pleasing personality and who’s highly approachable may have an edge.
·         Location. Willing to work in a certain area is a plus.

Compensation. Salary and benefits are normally determined by how small or big the real estate company is and what level of experience the applicant has.
·         Salary and Allowance. Basic of P10k to 25k. Allowance, same range.
·         Commission. 3% starting commission
·         Others. Incentives like performance bonus, travel, training and seminars.

Employment type. May be part time, full time or permanent.

Starting a career as a real estate agent may be a good choice. You’ll get to earn money and perks on your own free time. You will not be tied up to the usual nine (9) to six (6) office routine. Learn more about the Benefits of becoming a Real Estate agent in the next post.

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