Online Marketing Tips For Real Estate Companies: Website and Onpage SEO

Marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services. It is the heart of any business. You can have the finest product or service in the whole world but it’s no use if nobody knows about it. There are basically two types of marketing:  (1) traditional marketing where it utilizes strategies such as direct sales, tv, radio, mail, and print and; (2) internet or online marketing which basically makes use of the benefits of the web.

On this post, learn how a combination of a website and onpage SEO techniques can help boost up your online marketing plan for your real estate business.

Website. A website is like an office that’s open 24/7. Anything and everything a user wants to know about you and your company, it is available to them in just a few clicks. Here are some items you should take into account upon building one:
  • Design. A well-designed website will encourage potential clients to visit it over and over again. It’s not just the color combination or theme. It’s the ease of use. Make it easy for them to navigate around the menu. Add “call to action” buttons so it’s easy for them to contact you. Include a search box. If someone wants to search for “Eastwood condo for sale, the site should be able to show the best choices you can offer. It should be no sweat for them to share it as well.
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  • Platform. As real estate businesses usually have enormous materials such as listing and database, think of the type of content management system and plugins that you’d be using. Would it be Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress? Which has the most appropriate features and yet would not compromise loading speed? How fast or slow your website loads on a visitor’s browser may have a big impact on their return visits.
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  • Mobile version. It’s the age of mobile internet technology. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, consider making your website mobile-friendly.

Content and onPage SEO. Content is the soul of your website. Create killer content with two items in mind:
  • Readers. There should be details about you and the team, the properties, the usual whatnots for both sellers and buyers all aimed to provide general knowledge to everyone. Putting in photos and videos would also help.
  • Search engines. OnPage SEO is the optimization of your texts, tags and links so that they’re accessible to search engines. This strategy is very vital because when a potential customer types in phrases such as “Mckinley Hill condo for sale” on Google search bar, your website should be on top of the results as this could give you the prospective lead that you need.


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