Benefits Of A Studio Condominium Unit

With the popularity of condominium buildings that has grown over the past few years, it is now common to find people who either own a condo unit or rent one. Various condo in Philippines companies have continuously built condominium buildings and most of them are sold out and reach full occupancy in a relatively short time.
Most condominium buildings over different kinds of units and these are usually studio units, 1-bedroom units, and 2-bedroom units. Since studio units are the least expensive, they are among the easiest to sell. If you are looking for a condo for sale in Philippines, below are some reasons why you might want to consider a studio unit.
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  •   Easy to maintain. Having a studio unit means that you only have to clean and maintain one room. Even if you have specific functions for each area, everything is in one room only, making it easy to keep things organized. When cleaning your unit, you can easily move things around and you can even easily redecorate if you want.
  • More space. Walls, no matter how thin they may be, still take up space and since they function to enclose space, they make areas look smaller. A studio unit on the other hand, without any walls to restrict your vision, has a tendency to look bigger and more expansive.
  • Convenient. Having a studio unit means that everything can be found in the same room! You can almost easily reach out and grab whatever it is that you need whether you are in the sleeping area, the kitchen area, or the dining area. This also makes it easier to do chores or to multitask. There is no need to get an extra TV for the kitchen, for example, because you can easily position it so that it can be seen from almost any area of your studio unit.


  1. How much it will cost for the studio unit? I'm searching for a condo near Greenhills and I want to know first the ideal estimated price before investing. Thanks!

  2. Can you explain further your idea about the "more space"? I am planning to buy a one bedroom Vistaland condominiums for sale Philippines. But when you say that studio type has more space, I'm confused a bit. I hope to hear from you!


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