Safety 101: Five (5) Things To Keep In Mind When Going To The Mall

With the recent heightened alerts brought about by shooting, robbery, fire and bomb scares in different shopping malls in the Philippines, malling is not as safe and as fun as before. Hence, here are some safety tips to remember when going to the mall:

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  1. Put your tasks on a list. Write down your agenda on paper and itemize all the things you need to buy. It’s faster to complete your errands if you have a prepared note on hand.

  1. Have a store in mind. If you’re going to pick a pair of shoes, think of the brand you like beforehand so you can proceed directly to the store as soon as you hit the shopping center. You can also visit their website first to see if there’s a stock available on the outlet nearest you. In this way, unnecessary trips can be avoided.

  1. Put emergency numbers on your mobile phone. If you’re thinking of shopping in malls in Davao, make sure to store on your cell phone the hotline numbers of Davao City police station, fire station and all the necessary contact information in case of emergency. Have them in speed dial if it makes you feel better.
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  1. Which malls to go to and when is the best time to go? First thing to do upon reaching the area, check the security. Are there enough guards to man the vicinity? What are the measures being implemented? You may consider going to the malls where the recent disaster happened. It’s highly unlikely that the robbery will occur on the same place two times in a row in a very short amount of time. Plus, the protection there would have increased ten-fold. As for the best time to go, you can choose midway. Too early where there are few people or too late where there’s already a crowd forming may be the opportunity the robbers are waiting for. Being in the midway has less risk.

  1. Observe the exit. Always look for the nearest exit lest something happens. Remember, safety comes first.
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If the above tips couldn’t alleviate your level of worry, you can consider other alternatives - grocery store instead of the mall’s supermarket or the brand’s warehouse or boutique instead of the department store.


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