Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tips For Getting Cheap Hotel Rates

Traveling is an experience that everyone should try. Visiting different places and experiencing what the place and its people has to offer can provide valuable learning and perspective that you cannot get just by staying in your comfort zone.
One of the things that you will have to look for if you would like to maximize your money for traveling is to find hotels that come with affordable rates. Finding such a hotel will let you save some money for other things such as food or longer stay in a place that has so much to offer. Also, whether you are traveling to another country or simply going for a staycation in a Makati hotel, finding cheap hotel rates is always a good thing. Below are some tips that will help you do this.

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  • Go online. Among the many things that have been made possible with the Internet is the opportunity to find the rates of various hotels from different sites at the tip of your fingers. Check the websites of different hotels because some of them offer periodic online rate promotions. Do not forget to do some site-hopping among booking websites to compare the best rates and offers that you can get.
  • Check other dates. If the dates you plan to stay in the hotel are flexible, make sure to check the rates for other dates. The hotel just might be having promotions running for dates close to your initial target dates.
  • Book in advance. Some hotels and booking websites offer as much as 30% off their already low rates for bookings that are made a month or more in advance. Check if there is such an offer with the hotel or the booking website then adjust your dates accordingly.
  • Research on loyalty programs or memberships. Most hotels offer some form of program or membership where you can be entitled to discounts and other offers. This is especially useful if you are traveling with a group and will be getting more than one room, because you can immediately apply the discount or offer and offset any fee you paid for the program or membership.
  • Check packages. If you plan on availing of other stuff such as tours and meals, check if the hotel or booking site offers packages which might accommodate these. These packages are often priced so that you can get big discounts than if you had paid for the items separately.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Condo Buying: Four Mistakes Every First-Time Condo Buyer Should Avoid

Prime location, no exterior maintenance, community amenities, these are just some of the top attractions of a condominium lifestyle. Majority are in the heart of the metro conveniently situated near office buildings, shopping and entertainment centers. There is basically no yard work for the owners – everything is taken care of by the condominium association. Not to mention, access to swimming pool, gym and fitness facilities or tennis courts, who can turn that down?

What Are The Common Mistakes Of First-Time Condo Buyers
Just like purchasing any real estate property, buying condos require careful consideration especially if this is your first-time to do so. Learn the common mistakes committed by first-time buyers. Use them as a guide before making a final decision.
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1.       Buying the first unit you see. You notice an ad on Facebook or on a local newspaper and it screams limited offer only! You decide to check it out. It speaks luxury and the realtor is pretty convincing during the showing that you are almost 100% sure this is exactly what you need. Should you grab the opportunity and make an immediate offer else let another person defeat you from doing so? Definitely not! Do not be easily overwhelmed with what you initially see or hear. Focus on your goals and find other alternatives so you can make detailed comparisons and sound assessments that will fit your lifestyle best.

2.       Assuming that the cost only covers sale price. While condos tend to be more affordable compared to single family homes, the cost of condo ownership does not stop on the unit price alone. There are fees for insuring and maintaining the shared areas, payments for electricity, water and cable as well as special assessment charges for emergency repairs and project improvements.

3.       Not checking the rules and regulations thoroughly. Every management has its own set of restrictions and conditions ranging from simple renovations and personalizing your living space to pet ownership and availability of parking space. If you’re thinking of renting out your space sometime soon, there are certain guidelines too for follow through.  It will be wise then to know the extent of these limitations so you will be properly guided how workable they are in terms of your personal taste and preference.

4.       Focusing on the present only. Suppose you are eyeing a one-bedroom Mckinley Hill condo for sale. It is near your workplace and it fits your needs since you are single and focused on your career at the moment. One mistake is concentrating solely on your present situation and not considering future scenarios – moving in with a partner, growing a family, transferring to a new job location, renting it out or re-selling it in the future.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Earn Money From Home: Five popular ways to earn money from home, Offline

The digital age presents various opportunities to everyone. Everything seems simpler, easier, and quicker, with just a click of a mouse. While most money-making opportunities are now web-based, there are still those who prefer to generate income the classic way and not rely heavily on the benefits of the internet.

How To Earn Money From Home Offline
Here are five traditional methods on how to earn money from home, offline.

1.       Offer tutorial. Being a tutor is one of the timeless techniques to getting revenues straight from the comfort of your house. Be it mastering a certain school subject, playing a musical instrument, or learning a foreign language, the only investment you need is your wealth of knowledge. You can schedule one person at a time or do it by groups or sets. At its best, you can have yourself accredited by your local government so you have all the right to issue and give out certificates.
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2.       Sell food and snacks. Food is one of the basic necessities of men that’s why selling them can never go out of style. Be it breakfast, lunch or snack packages, simple pastries such as cookies and cupcakes or beverages like iced tea, pineapple or buko (coconut) juices, just setup a station on your front yard and let your neighbors and passersby be your regular clients.

3.       Capitalize on your skills. Another great avenue worth considering is getting the most out of your abilities. You have a knack for arts and craft, try coming up with gift novelties. You have a digital camera, take nature, flower or landscape pictures, have them developed in a larger size and get them laminated. There are people who like collecting beautiful images for display inside their residences. You love sewing and got a machine, provide a fixing service for clothes. Whichever you choose, your talents are your supreme asset.

4.       Accept typing and printing jobs. Almost every household has a computer set and printer. Rarely will you find a family who does not own one. Use this opportunity to trade your time for a little cash. Target your friends, families and relatives who are too busy to get their paperwork done. Post signs outside your premises to invite students who are juggling between their thesis and numerous projects.
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5.       Hold a regular garage sale. Focus on clothing on week 1, books or paperbacks on week 2, household items on week 3 and so forth. Take this chance to dispose the things you no longer need and receive cash out of it.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Things to do in Makati without burning a hole in your Pocket

Makati is considered to be one of the busiest, if not the busiest, commercial area/s in the country. It is host to several headquarters and offices of more than a hundred local and international companies; It is dotted with several malls, riddled with a range of 3 to 5-star hotels, and generously covered with coffee shops built to cater to the needs of more than 10,000 corporate employees daily. It seems like an ideal place for yuppies and those accustomed to living the office life. 

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However, to an outsider, Makati can be quite intimidating. With its seemingly fast-paced life, massively tall but sterile-looking walls, and the many expensive looking facilities all around, it gives you the impression of being luxurious – like you will need to spend every time you move a muscle or look anywhere else.

Would it be possible then to do anything in Makati without bleeding your wallet dry? There are many places that will help you decide where to eat in Makati or where to stay without spending a lot. Fortunately, there are such places in Makati and there are many things you can do without spending all the money that you have. In fact, here are some of the things you can do in Makati without burning a hole in your pocket.

Window shopping
With the many impressive malls in the area, you will have a grand time window shopping. For as long as you can control yourself and resist the impulse to buy, you will have a lot of fun window shopping in Makati.

Reading or Finishing a Book
Another thing that you can probably capitalize on is the number of coffee shops in Makati. With so many coffee shops to choose from, you won’t run out of options for a quiet place to read or finish a novel. Unlike in the more mainstream commercial areas where people flock coffee shops and spend countless hours chitchatting about life’s little dramas, in Makati, the coffee shops are really just for quick coffee refills or 15 minute breaks from the office. 

Looking at Exhibits
Sometimes there are exhibits that you can go to for free, with the numerous establishments in the area. You can check out the malls and buildings along Ayala Avenue, at least one of them might be having some kind of exhibit.

This might not be a usual activity for Makati employees but there is beauty that can be found in the busy Ayala Avenue area. Some key places are the Ayala Triangle and the Ayala Center.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Four (4) basic tips to optimize your Fiverr Gigs

The concept ofFiverr is simple. For a small amount of five dollars ($5), or $4 for the one who’s offering the service, you can earn income for almost anything and everything you can do for someone else. This can be as simple as helping plan a honeymoon trip in Europe, as creative as creating professional pop-art portrait, as technical as building a cool UI for an Android application or as diverse as writing a message in two different languages or singing a birthday song using ukulele.

How To Optimize Your Fiverr Gig
One trick with Fiverr lies in proper optimization. The more people see you gig, the higher the chance to earn from home and make money faster. Here are some basic tips to show you how.

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1.       Hit it with the title. Your title is your headline. This statement is the first thing that a person sees on the Fiverr website and the secret behind it goes within the power of words.

·        Make it eye-catching and let it stand out from the rest. Phrase it in a way that commands attention. Use powerful adjectives. For instance, instead of a mere “I will be your assistant online for 30 minutes”, isn't it more engaging if it reads like “I will be your Ultimate Personal Virtual Assistant for 30 minutes”?

·        Be specific. Specify what exactly you are offering. One example: I will write a high-quality, well-researched 350-word SEO article. Including the word SEO differentiate your offer from a regular writing stint as this means the write-up is keyword-rich.

·        Capitalize ONE word. It is part of the site’s policy that only one word in the title can be in capital letters. Take advantage of that.

·        Pattern yours based on the top posts of related niches. View the category in which you skills fall under. Browse through the “Recommended” and “High Rating” gigs to get an idea.

2.       Be detailed with the description. Do remember that your earning depends on the details of your service. Hence, itemize the scope and range of what you are going to do so that you’ll impress a professional image to the buyers and at the same time, you won’t get cheated for extra tasks that are not supposed to be part of the deal in the first place.

3.       Add key terms and tags. Boost the searchability of your stint not only on the website but to Google as well by using the correct keywords. Think about a tag that will aptly describe your gig and consider how searchable the term is for buyers.

4.       Promote in social media. Share it on Facebook and tweet it on Twitter for increased visibility.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to earn money from home

Thanks to technology, telecommuting has never been easier. Due to traffic problems and company cost-cutting, working from home has been offered to most employees who can do their work from home using the internet. This has saved both employers and employee a lot of time and resources.
However, there are also other ways to make money online or earn money from home. For example, if you are a stay at home mom who needs to take care of the kids but want to earn money to help with the bills and support the family as well, there are plenty of online opportunities for you! You just need to be open to everything. Here are just samples of what you can get paid for:
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  • Be a virtual assistant. Most clients will be overseas who want to outsource their assistants. You need very good administrative skills as you might be your boss' all-around help. You need a very stable and fast internet connection, a working computer and some software that is needed by the client. Most of the time, the client provides that for you.
  • Be a freelance writer or content creator. Most businesses need online content for their sites and hire writers to write articles. If you have experience, you can even be an editor.
  • Be a graphic designer or layout artist. If graphic design is your expertise, you can offer your services to create logos, brochures and even layout albums. You can also be a web designer or a freelance artist who commissions work for a living.
  • Be an artist. There are a lot of DIY or artsy blogs that have become popular and these artists offer workshops and even do commission work.
  • Be a transcriptionist. Most companies need transcribing especially in the legal and medical fields. Marketing surveys need to be transcribed as well.
The list is actually endless. You just need to be able to identify a reliable network to join so you can have access to these opportunities. Join work from home forums. Most mothers are helpful and will give you job leads. Most of them might even hire you themselves. Google is your friend. Search the internet for online job opportunities that might interest you. Be wary of sites that ask for payment though. Train and expand your skills. Build your portfolio. Beef up your resume. Every skill you learn is an advantage you can have over others when applying for a job online.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Earn Money From Blogging: Five (5) Reasons To Monetize Blog

People have various reasons for starting a weblog. Some like to use it as an avenue to express their thoughts and feelings. Others lean towards this marketing platform to establish their reputation in their respective industries. There are those who want hone their writing skills through it and then there are people who see it as an opportunity to generate revenues online.

Why Monetize Your Blog
Learn the top reasons why you should monetize your blog. Here are five (5) of them.

1.       It’s cheap. You may opt to setup one that is free-hosted such as the one offered by Blogspot or Blogger or you may choose to pay a few dollars per month via Whichever path you decide, you can easily begin today without worrying about ROI (return of investment) too much.

2.       It’s a hobby and it’s a money-maker at the same time! You get to enjoy what you love doing the most and you get paid for it as well! Who can ever resist that? There are many influential bloggers today who started blogging as form of entertainment – to relieve stress and concurrently to share their knowledge. Now, several of them receive offers and multiple opportunities to earn income from it – either by acquiring writing-related contracts and projects, being invited to conduct national and international seminars or simply being an advertising partner slash publisher.

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3.       You will have no problem setting up third-party advertisements. Making money faster has never been that easy. Integration of ads is quick and simple to follow through. Plus, there is a wide variety of options to choose from: Google Adsense, Chitika and Infolinks to name a few.

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4.       Writing is the only skill required. You don’t need to sell anything, contact every person you know or beg for attention just to obtain cash and reasonable payout. Just share your passion to the world and write about it. Compose quality and shareable content and you can monetize them well in no time. Good alternatives include creating sponsored posts or paid reviews once in a while.

5.       Be your own boss. How do you feel about owning your own time, working at your own pace and doing it anywhere you want – by the beach, at the top of the mountain, in the countryside? All you ever need is a just smartphone or a tablet. You can earn money at home too using desktop or laptop. How cool is that?

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