Benefits of Living in the Province

The most congested areas in any country are always the cities and urban areas. This simply means that a considerable percent of any country’s population are residing in these urban areas as well. Not many people realize that despite the benefits of living in the city particularly in Metro Manila, there are many reasons why living in the province can sometimes be more advantageous. 

If you are a Metro Manila dweller who’s thinking of making a big jump by getting a house and lot in Bulacan or in some other province and relocating there, there are many reasons for you to go ahead and make that jump. Below are some of the benefits you can get from living in the province.

  • Lower costs. Most families living in the provinces have lower costs of living than if they were living in Metro Manila. This is because food and other basic necessities are often less expensive in the provinces as well. 
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  • Cleaner air. Because of there are fewer cars and emissions in the provinces, the air is also usually fresher and cleaner. If you do not want to move that far from Metro Manila, consider getting a house and lot in Antipolo instead where the air is so much cleaner a few meters above Metro Manila’s elevation. Moving to the province because of health reasons is not unheard of and if you have a family member who has asthma or some other respiratory illness, you will definitely feel the effects of living in a place where the air is cleaner.
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  • More space. Compared to small condo units and apartments in Metro Manila, residential spaces in the provinces may seem sprawling to you. If you want a place where you can grow an average-sized vegetable garden or a few fruit-bearing trees, then the province is for you. Because of the bigger spaces, it makes it possible to have pets such as dogs, cats, chickens, cows, and even horses. 
  • Relaxed environment. Many cities like Metro Manila exude a rushed and hurried lifestyle. People always seem to be hurrying from one point to the next and stress levels are often very high. If you want a more relaxed and laidback atmosphere, the province is the place for you. You will learn to enjoy simple things such as just sitting in your backyard and basking in nature around you. Living in the provinces will help make it easier for you to relax and take things in stride.
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  1. Cool post, Justin! Not sure why, but as I read the second point "Clean Air" I took a long relaxed breath!

    Jasmine V | Belgravia Group


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