Reasons to spend Christmas in the Philippines

The Philippines undergoes a drastic transformation during the Christmas season. Every year, during this same time, traffic goes from bad to horrible. Shopping malls fill up with people from opening to closing time, and sometimes even way after that. People will be rushing everywhere hurrying to avoid traffic jams and to get some last minute Christmas shopping done.

However, aside from this, the Philippines also magically transforms into a warm and almost magical place to spend Christmas in.

In fact, despite all the hassles that come with the Christmas season, here are some of the biggest reasons to spend Christmas in the Philippines
The country becomes one big colorful light show

light show, Makati light show, Christmas light show, christmas show

You see, during Christmas, every house in the country never fails to get adorned with Christmas lights or colorful Christmas lanterns of different designs. So once December darkness falls, these lights dazzle the streets with twinkling and blinking displays of varying tempo.
In fact, some people do not stop with lighted windows or doors. They even adorn their trees with waterproof lighting to make the whole garden or backyard glow with majestic awesomeness – enough to light up the Christmas spirit in anyone.

The biggest catch though is that your electricity bills skyrocket during this season.

Bazaars and midnight sales fill the nights with activity

Bazaar, bazaar in Philippines, Philippine bazaar

December nights are usually kept busy with plenty of bazaars and midnight mall sales, as if the whole day is not enough for shopping. In fact, even late at night, Makati, Manila, Ortigas, and practically anywhere in Metro Manila become flooded with people rushing to and fro to get from one bazaar to the next. Public transport drivers can attest to that.

In short, December basically becomes one long crazy shopping season in the country. It is exactly for this reason that a lot of tourists also flock to the Philippines to take advantage of the rock-bottom prices. Everything becomes a steal the closer Christmas comes.

Get serenaded with carols and Christmas Videoke

karoling, caroling, christmas carol

If you have any experience living in thePhilippines, you will know that Filipinos are a musical people. This peculiar trait becomes more evident as the season allows the nonstop singing of Christmas songs. In fact, if you don’t get enough doses of Christmas songs from carolers at night, you are certain to get your fill from the neighbors who will sing their hearts out in their own personal Videoke machines on full volume. How’s that for soothing the Christmas soul?


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