Best Locations To Rent A Condo

Condominium buildings are among the most popular residential living spaces the past few years. Despite the smaller spaces, a growing number of people are now living in condo units and in fact, prefer them over residential house and lots.
In Metro Manila, where space is limited and expensive, condominiums are very popular. Despite the high prices associated with condominium buildings, renting a condo in Bonifacio Global city is still so much less expensive than renting a house in the high class communities surrounding the Bonifacio Global City.
Still, not all condominiums are well-placed and are located in suitable environments. Below are some of the best locations to rent a condo.

  • Makati. Despite the price of renting a condo in Makati, the convenience it will bring is priceless if your office is just a few buildings away from your condominium. You can save on transportation and time, and you can escape the usual stresses of commuting to work.

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  • Ortigas. For those who work in Ortigas, there are numerous buildings that offer residential units. Since the Ortigas business district is relatively smaller compared to that of Makati, places of interest are also closer together and easier to get to. 
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  • Eastwood. A relatively younger area, the Eastwood condominium buildings are popular not just among those working in Eastwood but also those who work in Ortigas. Home to many of Eastwood’s call center industry, many of the units in these condominium buildings are for rent and many of them are rented by more than one individual. Also, the ambiance in Eastwood is more relaxed and laidback than the fast-paced lifestyle in Makati and Ortigas. 
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  • Manila. The condominiums in Manila are very popular among students. Many parents choose to rent a condo for their children going to college rather than send them to boarding houses or dormitories. 

After you decide where to buy your condo, it's also important to consider what you should know before owning a condo unit and what are the benefits that you can get in renting a condo.


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