Tips For Condominium Living

 With the declining spaces and areas for residential purpose in Metro Manila, it is not surprising that condominiums and apartments have extremely grown in popularity over these past years. A lot of people have chosen to live in condominium and apartment buildings instead of houses. With the growing demand for these types of residential units, there is also an increase in rental units such as condominiums in Makati for rent.
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Whether you bought a condo unit or living in a condominium in Manila that is for rent, living in a tight and smaller space is not easy. Below are some tips to help you make the most out of living in a condominium.

  • Functional Furniture. With the smaller floor area of many condominium units, it is best to stay away from furniture items that are for decorative purposes only. Instead, go for furniture which serves at least two purposes such as a center table that has storage underneath or a sofa that can be rearranged into a bed. 

  •  De-clutter. Living in a condominium unit is not for a hoarder. When you are living in such a small space it is best to stay away from clutter by keeping only the essentials. Anything that will not get used in six months deserves to be given away, disposed of, or stored away permanently. 

  •  Open up space. Since most condo units come without divisions, it will be quite easy to keep an open layout. An open layout will give an illusion of bigger space instead of having walls that limit your field of vision. If having an open layout is not your preference, try to keep walls and divisions to a minimum. 

  • Make it light. When it comes to choosing colors for your condo unit, keep them light such as beige, white, cream, and the like. These colors can make things, including walls, more expansive.


  1. Thanks for providing us information that we really need before we decide on getting a condominium unit. Good thing to know that there are people who care for other by sharing their insights about condominium living.

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    1. You're welcome Toronto condo.. Hope you can share it to others so they will know it too! :D


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